Weak Erection, Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is the inability to achieve or sustain an erection suitable for sexual intercourse. Causes include medications, chronic illnesses, poor blood flow to the penis, drinking too much alcohol, or being too tired.

Causes of Weak Erection

A lot goes into achieving an erection. When you’re turned on, nerves fire in your brain. Blood then flows into your penis. If all goes well, you’re ready for sex.

Sometimes, all does not go well. Occasional problems aren’t anything that need treatment. If issues happen more often, you may have weak erection.

There are many things that can lead to weak erection. Stress, depression, anxiety, and alcohol use can often trigger it.

In other cases, physical factors are the culprit.

Sometimes, another disease will lead to weak erection, including the following:

Diabetes: Nerves and blood vessels that aid in getting you ready for sex are damaged by this. Your chances of weak erection can double if your diabetes is not well-controlled.

Kidney disease: Along with the other issues associated with kidney disease, your hormones, blood flow to your penis, and your nervous system — all vital for getting an erection — are affected. It can also sap your energy and sex drive.

Nerve and brain disorders: You can’t get an erection without help from your nervous system. Things like stroke, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease disrupt vital signals.

Blood vessel diseases: These can slow the flow of blood, making your body’s preparation for sex difficult. Narrowed or blocked arteries, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol are among the most common causes of weak erection.

How Sandton Men’s Clinic Helps You?

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Weak Erection